Insight Services is a Kolkata based renowned detective agency, supported by experts who can offer an inclusive plan for comprehensive defense of companies. We provide a wide range of detective service in India for our clients that include insurance companies, lawyers and common people. Currently, we with a purpose of serving each demand of our clients are a top name in the detective field.

Our team comprises of best experts from the investigation industry who have both the knowledge and experience of using modern tools. We not only employ professional investigators, but also experts from the field of police indet1telligence and military along with attorneys. They have a fair knowledge about the law and have been well trained in this aspect. The precise skills of every private investigator are supported with high discipline level and professionalism. Our team of over 500 experts enables us to offer specialized detective service throughout the globe.

We are skilled in offering all kinds of investigation services like pre matrimonial proof, extra marital affair problems, post matrimonial verification, infidelity, adultery, family background, cheating spouse, individual profit investigation, surveillance, background screening, investigation services to corporate attorneys, undercover operations and many more. We have strong bonding with the police to attain instant action in case of emergency. All the cases related to labor unrest, local hooliganism and theft would be impossible for us to solve without police assistance.

We consider the safety of the site with material and men our responsibility. However, in case of any inconvenient incidence, we introduce a team of detectives along with a team that represents the client to find the cause behind the case. If the reason behind the incidence is negligence from the detectives then, the same will be handled by our agency as per our agreed terms and conditions. We have been satisfying our patrons since a decade. 100% confidentiality is maintained in all cases and the identity of our clients is not uncovered in any situation. We understand every client has different requirements thus we make sure that each of them is handled with same level of commitment and precision.

Our services are absolute, accurate and prompt. Our professional team is supported by modern technology that consists of advanced analytical system, GPS vehicle tracking tool, sting operation tools and many other devices. This technological frame differentiates us from other detective agencies. We assure you that all our personnel accomplish their duties within the deadline.