What is the task of a private investigator?

Generally, a private detective is appointed to attain correct information about the identity habits, conduct, whereabouts, movements, associations, affiliations, reputation, transactions and character of any individual or group of people. A private detective may also conduct inquiry regarding the reliability of the witnesses, information regarding missing people, location of the missing individual, recovery of the stolen or lost property.

Do you handle cases all over India?

Our professionals accept cases from everywhere. In fact most of the businesses come from cases in which we have to visit different cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. We are a global detective agency with both international and national investigators. Moreover, we seek help from the local people in order to handle cases in different locations.

What is the payment mode?

Our clients can clear payments through draft, cheque or cash. As far as international clients are concerned, they can pay our charges through wire transfers.

How much time does private investigator take to investigate a case?

The time taken to solve a case wholly depends on the facts of a case. Some cases take few days, some might involve some weeks whereas there are cases that might take a month to get it solved. It all depends on the complication of the case and the evidence needed, but our experience permits us to offer information with a practical time period.

How much is the total cost?

Our charges wholly depend on the kind of operation that our professionals are asked to solve. In order to determine the expenses, we examine the details of the case and the total time required along with the budget decided. Once this is agreed, we need a retainer depending on the budget to start the operation.

Who are your clients?

The kind of occupation we are into does not permit us to expose any information about our clients for confidentiality reasons.  However, we assure you that as we are in this business since many years you will never be disappointed by the results. We have solved many cases for reputed multinational firms, government organizations and Indian corporate houses.

How secrete is your inquiry?

All the information about our clients is kept confidential. Indian law forbids an investigative firm or its workers from revealing any information regarding any case without taking permission from its client or with the help of an authorized tribunal.