Insight Services is intended to offer comprehensive range of detective services with all detective-152085_640recent surveillance and security tools. We use modern fact finding methods, spy infrastructure, world-class features and technical assistance. We offer private detective services around the globe so that our clients feel safe and protected.

With the rising of crime rate, today common men have started relying more and more on the private detective firms for protection. Detective firms like utilize sophisticated methods and trained experts to help the common public. The work of an investigator starts after the client gives the responsibility of the case to us.  Once it is done, the case gets registered and all the significant details are recorded in a confidential file. After this, one of our detectives who are in charge of the respective case prepares a blueprint for further investigation.

Our professionals start working on the case by keeping all the parameters set by you in mind.This includes:

  • Information our clients want to obtain
  • Financial restrictions
  • Time frame within which you want your case to be solved

The real work of investigation involves using of sophisticated ways like interviewing, trailing, photographing, fingerprinting and videotaping each and every moment of the person. Once all the required information is collected, the team of experts presents the collected facts to the client. We keep the case open till our clients are satisfied with the result.

Our detective agency offer a wide range of detective services including post matrimonial purposes, extramarital affairs, tracing information about missing people, surveillance activities, divorce problems, kidnapping case, theft investigation etc. You can even contact us for corporate services that include pre and post employment checking, trademark or copyright infringement, debugging services, bank account verification, finance tracking and property right problems.

Some of our special services include handwriting verification, fingerprint verification, video surveillance, audio recording etc. Insight Services provides customized verification choices, organizational and personal tracking, support in cheating cases, undercover operations and many more. With deep knowledge in the area of investigative services, we have commenced on several thriving processes and models.  We have been initiating analytical solutions under the guidance of domain professionals, expert sleuths, handwriting and fingerprint analysts, legal professionals etc. whose main focus is to provide cost-effective solutions to the clients and give them the peace of mind they deserve. We have a strong and close relationship with all our clients.

Services Offered By Us

Matrimonial Enquiry (Click to read)

Matrimonial investigations are nowadays becoming very much compulsory and they are in trend because today, most of the marriages are being arranged through matrimonial sites. This may involve a hazard in handling the strangers. Therefore, we at Insight Services help our clients in matrimonial enquiry in Kolkata so that they can avoid an unhappy married life.

At Insight Services, we believe that we can safeguard our client’s interests and their friends and family too for which we do not follow any shortcuts. Our main motto is to win the trust of our partners with our responsiveness towards legal woes. Our team of professional detectives in Kolkata is experts in handling different cases whether it is a matrimonial investigation, corporate issue, financial or government matter. What our clients say is held by us with confidence. We assure you that we offer the best results at pocket friendly costs.

If you feel that your spouse is cheating you by having an extra marital affair then, allow us to check the facts and attain evidence for you. In future this will give you peace of mind and will help you clear all your doubts. In addition, if you were to accuse your partner falsely, it may break the relationship. Our experts believe that both pre matrimonial and post matrimonial investigation is necessary.

Today the concept of marriage is changing. Nowadays, most of the couples believe that they are losing faith in each other. In the pre and post matrimonial cases, our detectives check the character, education, nature, age, employment or business details, family history, source of income etc of the concerned person. Different investigations provided by us are based on the requirement of our client too. We collect evidences by using various modern surveillance tools.

Believing on our investigating officers, we make sure that our enquiries are kept secret and always covered. There are many marriages that are held without collecting much information about the bride and the groom which in turn sometimes leads to unsuccesful marriages. The information can relate to these aspects:

  • Relation with other male or female
  • Temperamental details
  • Drug abuse
  • Job profile and the reputation in workplace
  • Habits

In a matrimonial inquiry we offer our clients a detailed report that is concerned with the age address, family, habits, nature, reputation & character, assets, past history, social and financial background along with other important details of the person.

Missing Enquiry (Click to read)

Are you searching for someone like a birth parent, a lost friend or a family member? A detective can help you find the person. Insight Services offers a dedicated service for missing people. We have a whole network for missing enquiry in India. Apart from our team of professionals, we also have sister concerns who are working actively to find the missing person. Our detective agency has located large numbers of missing person since establishment.

The case of missing people is rapidly increasing all over the country. Insight Services follows a successful program to find the targeted individual, no matter wherever he or she is. The success rate of finding the missing individual is much more than the average. There are some who avoid coming in front of bankers and financers deliberately. For such people, we have special system to detect them.

It can include the group of legally missing individuals like witness of certain cases. We have out networks spread all over India and slowly spreading it abroad too. Our professionals have wide experience in this field. For finding concrete proof in such matters we sometimes use modern surveillance tools. In order to find the missing person, we ask for some details of the respective person. It would be really helpful for us if you provide information like date of birth, name, last address known and age. However, if all you can offer is a name then, also we assure you guaranteed result.

Little information you have, longer it might take for our detectives to find the missing person. Sometimes, it becomes hard for the detective to look for someone if they are escaping from the law. Though, whatever are the circumstances, our detectives will make use of all the resources to find the person. We have large numbers of various resources that the public does not have an access to. Our experts have an access to modern technology and database that will assist you in providing the right information they are searching for.

Some of our databases can just be used by our senior officers, so the common public will never have an access to them. We even have a simple access to various public records. Along with this, the skills they have attained over so many years as a detective offers them an added benefit over someone who does not have such experience. How long will it take for us to investigate the case depends on our investigators.

Industrial Intelligence / Enquiry (Click to read)

The establishment and growth of a firm cannot be successful without a complete market research which includes investigation of items producing along with its market prospects. This is where investigation in market research services offered by Insight Services plays a major role. Our detective agency has a group of expert economic analysts as well as investigators who can offer accurate market research within a short span of time. We prepare our research report by keeping our client’s requirements in mind, ensuring that the decision strategies of our clients need to be correct. Our market research service includes: enquiry_img

  1. Analysis of the market competition and offering reports regarding investment feasibility
  2. Study of product sales and offering marketing strategies and network
  3. Investigating development of the market and offering relevant rules and regulations
  4. Analyzing the size of the market and its share and offering investment scale and development scheme
  5. Studying consumption channels and offering several promotion schemes

Marketing research does not make any decision and it does not provide any guarantee to success. The managers might seek suggestions from the marketing research experts and indeed, it is significant that the research reports should state alternate action courses and possibility of success, where possible, of these choices. However, it is the managers who make the ultimate marketing decision. Another observation that the marketing research does not offer any guarantee about success is just recognition of the environment within which marketing takes place.

Insight Services have been in this field since decade. Our main aim is to make our clients satisfied by fulfilling all their requirements. The market research report made by our experts is a comprehensive guide of the growth prospects and market size. Our report offers industry analysis of factors that influence firms, including new item developments, lifestyle, demographic and economic influences. Total analysis helps our data forecasts to illustrate how a market reacts to the emerging trends.

Clients contact Insight Services with new requests and challenges. Along with market research our professionals are experienced in handling all types of cases. These include robbery, murder case, theft, surveillance and many more. We understand the privacy of our clients and guarantee that your identity will be always kept secret with us. Our detectives use modern technologies to ensure correct and efficient results. We are very punctual and offer reports, proofs related to the case within a short deadline. Our team of professional is widely acknowledged for their knowledge and experience in this field.

Property Matters - All sorts of legal matters (Click to read)

Safeguarding intellectual property has become very much difficult duringpeoperty today’s age of international competition. If you have any issue concerning property matters in India, we at Insight Services can help you find the right solution. Our detective agency works with various firms to safeguard their intellectual properties both domestically and overseas. We use diverse assets effectively to develop all vital information that are required to control one’s intellectual assets.

We offer real estate solutions to clients who are tired of real estate disputes. Disputes and fraud related to the property in India are regarded as serious confronts associated with Real Estate. The unawareness of investors, purchasers regarding the property rules and regulations have made them surrender to property quarrels and fraud dealings. Real estate transactions in India are mainly executed under legal documents which need obligatory registration. A slip remaining to this rule would give rise to misunderstandings, various litigation and interpretation.

The large numbers of cases that are filed in matters related to property shows that drafting and scrutiny of different legal documents related to property are main areas that need enhancement. Most of the time, people fail to take care of the title of the property which leads to different kinds of proceedings. Various forms of disagreements can be well linked up with property related matters including boundary disputes, agreement disputes, dispute over property division, boundary dispute etc. Information offered in this area may support the advice given by a real estate lawyer.

If you are frustrated by the behavior of your tenant when asked to vacate your building even after the lease gets expired, consult with our investigators. We are always there to help you. We will offer you with whole real estate solution related to any kind of disputes. Our investigators also provide services to people living abroad. Our main objective is to make a right assessment of all the issues and give right advice to the clients. We can make available to people and business planning to buy or sell any kind of property in India, legal aid on how to legalize clear title evidences for any property etc.

Our inquiry of copyright infringement, counterfeit products and several intellectual thefts includes research of identity, violation, background profile of the perpetrators. Also, we conduct surveillance at the retail or manufacturing locations and places undercover all sales and production levels. Our wide range of services also includes procurement of proofs, handling the chain of court testimony and evidence.

Personal Investigation (Click to read)

Insight Services, a renowned detective agency in Kolkata dealspersonal in provision of personal investigation service in Kolkata for different types of problems related to spouse, marriage alliances, families etc. We offer this service with the help of a well designed planning procedure. Inquiry services are handled, in our firm, by experienced and skilled professionals. We offer various other services that include evidence search, pre matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation, missing people investigation as a part of our personal analysis service.

Before offering our service to clients, we verify prospective bride and bridegroom before marriage is finalized.

How can our experts help in Personal Investigations?

Pre Marital:

  • Distinct investigations regarding family background or financial status
  • Verification of character
  • Surveillance
  • Evidence collection wherever it is possible
  • Records of communication
  • Submitting investigation report on time

Post Marital:

  • Verification of the character
  • Surveillance
  • Communication record
  • Surveillance including vices, activities and affairs
  • Financial status

Insight Services has been offering personal inquiry services since a long time at an affordable price. It is a kind of inquiry which is made regarding an individual to collect all the detailed information and facts regarding different issues like employee, credit, marital issue, tenancy, child education etc from various sources other than the actual topic of investigation. This inquiry is done by our expert team of detectives and includes criminal, personal and civil information for legal, private and corporate customers.

Public records regarding a person include records which are recorded or filed by state, local or state government company, court cases, traffic and parking tickets, insurance claims and rental records. These types of records can be drawn together to provide a full report regarding an individual depending on their personal information.

Who Require Personal Investigation?

It can happen that you are looking for an old pal with whom you do not have contact since ages or a neighbor who has shifted to another place long back. In such situations, you will find our investigation services very helpful. The only thing that you will require is the number of another individual who lives elsewhere. There are many landlords who look at the history of prospective tenant’s lease, credit history and various other important details. You must have come across many high profile weddings that utilize extensive personal inquiry to find all the past history about one’s personal life. Individuals who are anxious about their ancestors and family tress use this service of ours to search distant relatives.

Handwriting / Signature Verification (Click to read)

Being the most reliable detective agency in the industry, Insight Services is engaged in offering a wide range of handwriting and signature verification in India. Services provided by us are highly praised by the customers for their dependability and affordable rates. We have a professional team of handwriting experts who have several years of experience in this field. Our patrons can avail our services for proofreading the important documents and other important papers.writing

Insight Services is one of the most popular detective firms for handwriting confirmation in India. Handwriting verification is very much necessary for incidences where there is an option of losing more than the profit like for example, in the corporate world. Handwriting inquiry is done in case of scam signature or in any type of fraud documents. We can solve this issue by checking every document with our experts. They check if there is any type of fraudulent papers or not which in turn helps them solve the case as fast as they can.

During globalization, it is simple to form fraudulent documents by photocopying the handwriting of a person. Thus, there are more options of cheating in this sector, mainly in the business sector of competition between different firms. Every firm appoints these professional in order to safeguard itself from any type of fraudulent papers. Offenses that arise because of the fraud writing are: One can do fraud signature on any one’s cheques and withdraw money from the bank.

Secondly, one can also put his or her fraud initials at the time of agreement or during a contract. All these come under the category of criminal actions and are punishable. If you are availing any of these problems contact us for further assistance. Our experts are so skilled and professional that they can identify the culprit within a short time period. They realize the seriousness of the problem and work diligently to know the reality.

Insight Services offer the best handwriting verification services with the professional experts. We stop the crime that happens by copying the signature for several purposes without the person knowing about it and once the individual faces the loss, their whole profit comes to an end, so to solve this issue, only name who you can trust is “Insight Services.” We have solved several cases related to handwriting validation at various places of India. Our professionals solve such cases by going through the style, writing way, and format and pressure measurement of every word.

Questioned Document Examination (Click to read)

Welcome to Insight Services. Our forensic handwriting, signature and questioned document examination in India experts will help you solve any issue. The questioned document service offers a wide range of investigative and court services for both the prosecution and court services for both the prosecution and defense teams, covering the disputed papers, handwriting and signature analysis along with other forensic handwriting services. question

At our detective agency, we welcome inquiries from government departments, solicitors, banks, police and insurance firms who find themselves involved in investigating questioned papers, comparison of signature or handwriting verification. Whether a case engages a signature issue or includes thousands of questioned and known papers that need complex and numerous examinations, clients of Insight Services are provided best service with guaranteed results.

We have a highly professional team dedicated to forensic study of papers. This covers a wide range of materials that include wills, letters, bonds and contracts to cheques, credit cards and bank notes. He skills used are well-established and has proved their effectiveness in distinguishing forgeries and recognizing unique features of papers, writing style and inks that can play the role of evidence to assist in securing a conviction.

Our expert investigative officers provide opinions on he disputed handwriting signs, fraudulent addition and forgeries, alterations, anonymous letters and also checked the sign which was on the registration paper, registry, threatening letters and sign on the suicide note. Checking of charred documents, insurance certificate, disguised signature, bank fraud, forged signature, cross examination, credit cards, cheque frauds, ink & paper examination and typewriting analysis are some of the services that our detective agency provides.

During this exciting and dynamic time of the severe competition, information holds an important place in realizing dreams, both on the professional and personal front. Decisions that you make today will have an impact in the rest of your life. Thus, corporate decision makers are turning towards experts in the area of detection and investigation to base their schemes on certain facts and reasons.

With an objective to offer accurate and reliable information to corporate sector, Insight Services was established since a long time back. All the professionals working here are experts and have several years of experience in the respective field. They are well equipped with recent state of art surveillance tools in order to complement our team of expert detectives. Our strength lies in the fact that we bring our several years of experience, a devoted team of experts, resources to deliver efficient services for our clients.

Finger Print Verification (Click to read)

A fingerprint verification tool is a type of modern tool that is generally used by several reputed companies in order to check the identity of a specific person. By making use of this device, we, at Insight Services offer the best finger print verification in Kolkata. Generally, these types of tools are utilized in computer surveillance area, public buildings and other sensitive companies.

For manufacturing this type of tool, we use various types of modern technologies. In this modern world, because of terrorist actions, most of the companies are utilizing this type of tool for inquiry. We offer best-in class finger print identification services. During the wake of biometric verification services, fingerprint fraud has become a major issue of anxiety. Our forensic professionals can lift, create and then associate fingerprints from any type of surface.

We, at Insight Services use the best devices to check one’s fingerprints to attain the accurate results. Here, are some of the vital benefits that you will enjoy with our finger print identification services:

    • The device that we use for identifying fingerprint comes with several unique features that help in recognizing and compare live finger prints with the ones that are already stored. The fine ridges present in fingers creates a special design, which in turn differentiates all from each other. This is one of the reasons why different people have different finger prints.
    • This kind of tool comes with a sensor motion that grabs all fingerprints immediately and then compares it with the database stored. As it produces efficient results so fast, people consider it as a useful device.
    • These types of tools are mainly used at airports. Thus, if a criminal tries to make an entry in a specific nation then these tools identify the person immediately.
    • A fingerprint identification tool is well connected with a computer lab where the whole finger prints are kept collected. Thus, it becomes really helpful for recognizing the culprits.
    • Nearly all sensitive companies are utilizing this kind of tools to safeguard themselves.
    • You will never find any type of mistake while utilizing this type of tool as fingerprints of all the individuals surprisingly differs from each other.

As we are in this sector since ages, we assure you best results within a short span of time. Our detectives try their level best to help you know the truth. Our main aim is to offer accurate and reliable information to our patrons.

Domestic Enquiry (Click to read)

Insight Services is a private detective group for private enquiries conducted by knowledgeable detectives in India. Our experts deal with domestic enquiry service in Kolkata where it plays a major role. We have a vast network with consistent sources that offer accurate information with right evidence. Our highly competent team offers any and nearly all kinds of household details to fulfill all requirements of our clients. All our patrons who came with such problems that need domestic enquiry work efficiency.22

We conduct investigations by professional investigators in India and all around the world for personal, corporate, special detective and legal services. Also, we have expertise in risk analysis, intelligence, band fraud cases, kidnapping, and murder, matrimonial along with burglary investigation. Our detective agency offers domestic enquiry services to various sectors including insurance sector, legal community, general public, claims adjustor etc. We also assume private inquiry in India and in other parts of the world too.

Insight Services is truly a “worldwide” private detective firm based in Kolkata since a long time. It does not matter to our professionals where our clients are, they will reach there in no time. We handle association with thousands of qualified private detectives overseas and in India. Besides, carrying out a private inquiry in India, we own the ability to carry out search all over the world.

If our private detectives are not able to attain you best results directly, we will help you find an expert for yourself. Before taking up case, our experts perform a study of the entire outline through available resources and within a limited budget for every assignment. Even the modest funding can most often permit criminal histories of the past, weddings, civil law suits, property ownership and many more. Along with domestic enquiry services, our professionals also collect evidences for solving divorce problems.

We also conduct scrutiny operations, financial checks as well as backgrounds on individuals who are involved in the case. It has been our vast experience since years that if we suspect a person for hiding money or infidelity, they actually are. Our detectives have the capability of solving almost any type of investigative problems all over the world. Our contacts with several qualified resources make this happen. Some of our senior officers have spent several years abroad and have a proper understanding about the different record systems and database along with other problems.

Claim Enquiries (Click to read)

Insight Services is a pioneer surveillance service company with its corporate office in Kolkata. Our wide ranges of services include surveillance, robbery, murder, theft, domestic enquiry and claim enquiry in Kolkata. Our value of integrity, professionalism and being aggressive arise from our motive of Pursuit of excellence. Insight Services is committed in offering secured and safe surveillance services to its valued patrons and ensure client satisfaction by rendering excellent services on time. claim

Nobody among us can refuse the fact that the detective firms have become a vital thing required in modern times. It is so important that they have become a must in today’s age. No matter whether it is on a personal matter or at the commercial stage, their services are a must. Today, in order to solve the personal differences, services of a detective firm is very much required. The divorce cases are most common among them.

Other than cases related to claim enquiry our professionals also solve property disputes. Several corporate cases like partnership breaches or corporate frauds are some of the important cases where the services of a detective firm are needed. Queries that arise in such situations are that if services of those detective firms in Kolkata are so significant then which agencies that should be preferred. Well, when it comes to the private detective companies the answer is easy because there is only one reliable name in this industry, i.e. Insight Services.

We are a name that most of the people usually opt for. Well, on most of the occasions individuals look for us because we offer all our services at affordable rates. Moreover, our detectives make sure that our clients come to know about the reality in no time. Also, you should not forget the fact that we treat every case with extreme cautiousness. The success of our company over these years has been wonderful. Our clients can also contact us for debt recovery cases. Our expert investigators, having an idea in respective matters offer service to clients living in India and abroad too.

Our detective agency helps our clients in solving all types of cases and has received guaranteed results within a short span of time.  So, what are you waiting for? No matter whatever problem you are suffering from, come to us. We will offer you the best solution at affordable rates.

Debt Recovery (Click to read)

Insight Services is the best place for seeking all kinds of debt recovery service in Kolkata. We offer property and debt dispute solutions to over 8000 clients. Our patrons range from sole proprietorship to multi national companies. We are always alert and make ourselves available at your service. The methods followed by our experts are strictly professional and ethical too. Taking legal actions can be both expensive and time consuming with no surety of result. As a substitute to court action, we play the role of a mediator between two parties and bring satisfactory result.debt-recovery

We adapt all our processes according to the kind of approach that you want us to follow. We bring unique strategy based on every case and our experience lies in improving your property or debt within few days. If your firm has already registered any case in court and are not able to attain things going the way you wanted, then, we have a group of special attorneys who can help you to reduce the long litigation procedure.

We make our existence felt to cater various demands of the customers, ranging from persons to corporate. Unwanted cases of cheats are increasing day by day in Kolkata and our charisma would assist you in dealing with this. Our private investigators in Kolkata would ensure closing of projects according to the directions and time. On utmost professionalism and unique brilliance, we stand out from other detective firms in the city. No matter whether it is a personal issue or professional, we solve them with utmost caution so that our patrons get peace of mind.

Your search for a detective firm ends within us as you will not enjoy such reliability and reputation nowhere. In today’s competitive business environment, exchanges and loans are available easily. With the increasing economic and financial actions, there is an increase in bad debts also. Although, all financial organization, money lenders and banks perform basic verification, yet customary defaulters achieve success not only in availing finances and loans while submitting fabricated, manipulated and false papers, but these people are smart enough to avoid paying dues while following these tricks. Our detective firm was formed by expert debt collectors who are in this industry since long back. Our main aim is to recover owned money with a special team of investigators or collectors. Come to us and we will solve all your cases in no time.

Identity (Click to read)

Insight Services has been established by large numbers of private investigators. Since then, we have been popular for identity verification in Kolkata and at the same time have given support to the corporate world in making decision. We have a team of experts who have in-depth experience in inquiry and has dependable and reliable network with professional detective agencies all over India and abroad too. We are today a professional, quality conscious and versatile detective firm in Kolkata offering special services to corporate and non-corporate firms.

The specific needs of the clients are studies as well as identified in first meeting through mail and thereafter, we start our investigation in a planned way. Detailed surveillance plan and inquiry is well maintained on accuracy and honesty. We divide our identity verification service among various detectives so that no one knows that whole picture. We assure you that no information would be divulge to anyone. Our company has been in this industry since a long time and all segments of the society including corporate sectors, banks, foreign companies, multinational firms etc use them. Also, we have a dedicated team of experts with integrity.

All the reports prepared by our professionals are biased and maintains 100% confidentiality.  We have a powerful network and experienced informants who spread all over the nation and abroad also for solving the cases. We feel proud of ourselves in fully safeguarding our patron’s privacy, so that, if needed there is no outside responsiveness of our participation or nature of our duties. Every time everything is not known to us. There are many things that remain a secret and needs to be clarified so that important decisions in life can be taken easily.

This is the point we, Insight Services comes to your help. Nothing can be found if an individual has no or less information. In today’s world, firms demand competitive individuals work honestly. Today’s competitiveness has forced people to do certain things that are wrong and at the same time causes huge loss to others. This is why most of us are coming to us for help. Not simply corporate people, even individuals and companies like banks contact us so that they come to know the real identity of the person with whom they are doing business with. We use modern surveillance equipment to carry on the inquiries. Our main objective is to provide best services to all our patrons so that they get answers to all their questions.

Homicide (Click to read)

Insight Services is one of the popular detective agencies in Kolkata. We have been serving people since ages. The homicide investigation in Kolkata is one of the several units in Bureau of Investigation. Through this service, we investigate all he incidents that come under our strategy within the restrictions of this city. The homicide inquiry has three different subdivisions. They are crime scene inquiry, night general details and homicide inquiry.homicide

Unit personnel are given the task of attending meetings with other investigators all over the Department, city and the nation to share detective methods and case of information to make sure that inquiries are inquired thoroughly and maximum resources are used. Experienced personnel’s from our firm also serves as a liaison between different la enforcement companies regarding mutual interest cases. We have been in this industry from the days when prearranged investigative services were not present. Since that time, Insight Services has spread its wings by opening several branches in different parts of India.

Our clientele includes MNC’s, Indian Corporates, VVIP’s, NRI’s, Overseas People, Indian Nationals and Financial Institution. We have experts from different background including attorneys, ex-policeman, chartered accountants, retired navy or army officers. Being a renowned name in this industry, we employ researcher who are very much experienced in their respective field.

Generally, we follow a three tier investigative system for solving our cases. During the initial stage, an investigator plays the role of a second supporter to our detectives. After completing one year, he is made the First assistant. The person becomes a senior investigator after serving us for 5 years. Our widespread network is our strongest point and a benefit that separates us from other detective firms. We believe that without having a strong presence, an investigative firm is handicapped.

Because of large numbers of cases, we created separate cells to bring more expertise while doing inquiry. Each cell is lead by an experienced detective who has several years of experience in this field. We respect the privacy of our clients and thus make sure that the information provided by them remains a secret with us. Moreover, we assure you guaranteed results within a short span of time. With the only mission to provide accurate and reliable information, we at Insight Services are trying our level best to offer best results. Our detective firm has handpicked people who are screened for the qualities of integrity, resourcefulness and decision making talents to deliver accurate results.

Theft Burglary (Click to read)

Theft and burglaries can take place anywhere. It is more common in posh areas and MNC’s. Theft can include stealing of cash and sometimes vital official papers along with confidential information. Whatever it is, Insight Services assists you in finding the theft and burglary in Kolkata and keeps you from incurring huge losses. Our detective agency provides a wide range of inquiry services including burglaries and domestic theft cases. We have been handling these types of cases since several years and offer you assistance with theft of the following:

  • Jewelry
  • Money
  • Vital papers and documents
  • Pilferage of goods or information
  • Perceiving lies of domestic helpers or servants
  • Recording room conversations and activities

With our records of finding evidences and full proof, our experts are able to enjoy a good reputation in the form of a renowned detective organization. We have assisted various organizations and individuals to retrieve their stolen products or money by finding the culprit with solid proofs and evidences. We started “Insight Services” since many years ago and served the society with positive results till date.

We are known for our reputation of being a renowned investigative agency who has resolved many complicated cases with ease. We believe in eliminating all the evils from society and also help the mankind through our expertise approach, trust and offering positive results. Rated amongst top intelligence service provider firm in Kolkata, we have a team of qualified and skilled professionals.

Insight Services offers great services which makes the customers feel comfortable while handling their case. We are the most successful investigative company which can solve all kinds of complicated cases within a short span of time. Our wide range of services include cyber crime, corporate investigation, employee identification, missing person enquiry, pre matrimonial detective, handwriting authentication, audio recording, wealth verification service and many more.

Surveillance (Click to read)

Our surveillance detectives investigate each and every case deeply and find out the truth within a short span of time. Through our surveillance and spying services in Kolkata we keep an eye on people as well as vehicle smartly and maintain a record of the outdoor actions, number of people met, name of those persons and other activities that help the clients make a right decision.  Insight Services understands when you doubt infidelity in any of your relationship then you might feel hurt, but still you need to know the truth. This is where our services will help you.surveillance

We have an expert team for inspection which is widely acknowledged for their capability to deliver the best results. We have established a reputation for offering professional services since a long time. Our detective agency offers scrutiny services in different areas including:

  • Static surveillance
  • Mobile scrutiny
  • Electronic inquiry
  • Social network investigation
  • Corporate study

Our professionals use high tech modern tools to offer correct information from private, public and digital sources. Not only this, we also offer daily reports, real-time alerts and summary report, videos and pictures within 24 hours. We assist our clients through our phone surveillance service. Cell phone scrutiny is very useful in all kinds of cases as this makes work simpler. Through phone tracking service, we can get an idea about the locality of the needed person and we can also do the tracing.

You can attain the tapes or the ones that transmit to the receiver within a close proximity of the tapping tool. We ask our clients whether they are going to personally monitor the call and record things or whether they want a device that will automatically record the entire conversation. This is one of the best ways to catch the culprit as our experts conduct everything secretly.

We are proud of our proficiency in protecting the privacy of our patrons, so that, if needed, the culprit does not get to know about our involvement. This ensures complete protection of information. Unless you tell someone, nobody will know that we worked for you.  Our information services have been made to reflect the best practice of the industry with suppleness to meet the demands of our clients.

Professionals of Insight Services believe that sometimes actions speak better than words. This is the reason why our detective firm offers a privacy agreement to all our clients irrespective of the project size and nature of work.

Research Survey (Click to read)

Insight Services offers a full suite of market research survey service in Kolkata including administration, analysis and design. Our market survey can assist our clients collect market intelligence regarding trends, competitors and opinions, gauge interest in new items and service offerings, test a new items concept and attain actionable feedback at an economical price. We are well equipped with a team of experts who can oversee and conduct these surveys to attain meaningful information. Our task includes:

  • Gathering market intelligence regarding trends, competitors and opinions
  • Measure interest in new product and service offerings
  • Attain actionable feedback at an economical rate
  • Test a concept of new product

We have been engaged in rendering research survey services to clients living in different parts of Kolkata. Our wide range of services includes administration, analysis and design. These surveys are made according to the specifications mentioned by our valuable customers. In addition, this process also helps us in collecting market intelligence regarding competitors, trends and opinions. These methods also help the entrepreneurs to test a new concept of product. Moreover, our services are available at affordable rates.

Insight Services has been providing total recovery services since a long time. We pride ourselves in being the best detective firm in Kolkata. Today, debtors look for every opportunity to do a legal battle. No need to take a chance. Select a recovery company that measures agent experience in years, rather than days.  Our team consists of skilled investigators who belong to a wide range of professional backgrounds. We not employ professional investigators, but also experts in political and military intelligence along with lawyers who specialize in various corporate and private fields. As a result, we have a whole set of skills at our reach which in turn allows us to assign each and every case to most suitable person. This guarantees excellent service.

Mystery Shopping (Click to read)

At Insight Services, we provide innumerable services to our clients. Mystery shopping is one among them. When you have doubts on your employees because they are not following the rules and regulations of your company and for carrying illegal and unwanted selling or buying activities. If you have any doubt regarding the dealings of your employees and the business policies followed by them, you can take help from us in finding the reality behind the situation.

People working in your organization might be involved in selling wide range of products and services without informing you.  Many times, the things available in the stock might go missing as those have been already sold. In all such cases, we assist you in determining the reasons behind these fraudulent activities and at the same point of  also offer you effective solutions for implementing the same.

Since we are involved in solving cases related to mystery shopping in Kolkata since ages, we are appreciated by our customers living in and around Kolkata. We are known for offering outstanding investigative services at affordable rates. The dedicated service of mystery shopping proves to be a great savior and also a winner for business owners. Mystery shopping inquiries assists in finding the missing stocks from an inventory and also keeps an eye on the staff for ensuring that no thefts take place.

Our service ensures that the managers and employees are working at par with strict service standards. We send our investigators as a client for noticing the suspicious activities that goes around and also observes the performance of the staff. The mystery shopping services offered by us ensures a smooth running of business activities. Insight Services is the most reputed private detective agency in Kolkata who have been offering detective services since a long time.

Over the years, the company has been establishing a reputation by rendering high quality and customized services which has made us linked with some of the reputed clientele in the sector. These services are widely appreciated as these are consistent, totally confidential and are delivered within a limited period of time.

Other Services (Click to read)

Insight Services offers an inclusive range of investigation services designed to meet the specific requirements of the clients in today’s business world. Our team of professionals has solved many cases related to mystery shopping, theft, robbery, murder and many more. We continuously review the tactics and techniques that help in gathering information. They help in saving both money and time by handling the case study for you. Whether our surveillance is carried for you or on behalf of your clients, you will definitely attain efficient results. other

We use the high-tech technology and provide unparalleled experience in the field of civil, criminal, intellectual property, commercial, labor and corporate law. Our expertise differentiates us from other inquiry companies. Whether you want to verify the history of any of his employees or find a missing person, we are always there to help you. At first, our experts evaluate the situation, find the right procedure and then start the work.

Insight Services offers varieties of services related to trademarks. In today’s tough competitive world having a popular name, logo and items help in raising the sale of the respective company. Looking at the increasing rate of sales fraudulent cases and imitation, your trademark or patent might also be commenced by culprits. This not only affects the reputation of the brand, but also decreases the number of clients.

Our experts help you protect the image of your company and also help you in finding the offender who is responsible for misusing the trademark or copyright. Insight Services has a team of investigators who have been appointed specially for this area. Till today, they have assisted thousands of firms catch culprits and stop illegal actions that take place under the name of their brand.

With our trademark investigation services we assist various firms and businesses to safeguard their logos, brand identities, trade dress and symbol that are linked with the respective names of their items. As far as our copyright safety service is concerned, we help musicians, artists, films, sound protection firms and satellite transmission services to safeguard the reality of their production. We can verify whether a specific trademark is already being used or not and if it is being used then, we investigate about the firm that owns it.

Our experts possess the ability to find if counterfeit items exist and through whom these items are being sold. We conduct this examination once or daily. The knowledge we have gained in his field of inquiry tells that findings vary from case to case. This service help our clients identify and explain any issues related to trademark so that they can take a right step.